F*ck Off I’m Gardening collection

To me, gardening is a much bigger concept. To me, gardening means investing in your dreams and goals and let them grow.

There is so much distraction these days. From other people, but also from your own habits, addictions or however you want to label it. To reach new levels and new goals you sometimes need to be strict to yourself. That can be in a number of ways, from finishing your painting, spend less time overthinking, stop complaining and wasting time. It doesn’t matter if your goals are big or small. It’s about getting one step closer in the right direction.

So to everything and everyone who is distracting you from following your heart and your goals, and sometimes as a reminder to yourself: “F*ck Off, I’m Gardening.”

Love, Bram

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‘F*ck Off I’m Gardening’ collection
Models: Femke Schmeink, Inez Schute, Nelson Gariba, Paul Gariba, Hendrik Ngozi, Lucas Valk
Photography: Roel van Koppenhagen
Assistants: Daan Korsten, Joël Leidsman
Creative direction: Bram Korsten

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